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STEP 1: Place one end of the leader through the eye of the hook.

Egg Loop Knot Step 1

STEP 2: Pinch the tag end to the hook and wrap the leader behind the eye for 6 to 8 wraps moving back the hook shank.

Egg Loop Knot Step 2

STEP 3: While holding the wraps tight, thread the long end of the leader back through the eye of the hook so the tag end is sticking though 2 or 3 inches.

Egg Loop Knot Step 3

STEP 4: Continue wrapping the leader in the same direction for 6 to 8 more wraps.

Egg Loop Knot Step 4

STEP 5: While continuing to hold the wraps tight, pull the tag end of the leader until the egg loop is formed.

Egg Loop Knot Step 5

STEP 6: The loop is now ready to accept a clip of yarn and/or eggs.

Egg Loop Knot Step 6

STEP 7: Slip a Lil’ Corky on to the leader, and tie the leader to a snap swivel that is connected to the main line. You are ready to fish!

Egg Loop Knot Step 7

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